A Shared Humanity Presents

Art & Artifact

In a fast-paced, digital world, we invite you to slow down and experience deeper, more tangible connections with artists, their stories, and their work.

Art & Artifact — The Experience

A Shared Art

Fill your life and your physical spaces with beautiful art. The Art & Artifact box contains a new work of art from an artist you care about and is created for you to enjoy and share tangible beauty.

A Shared Story

When you receive your Art & Artifact box, not only are you receiving beautiful art and artifacts, but you are connecting in tangible ways with your artist's story. Their inspirations, struggles, perspectives, and doubts are just a few things that authentically contribute to the creation of your box.

A Shared Experience

At A Shared Humanity we pursue shared experiences that are honest and authentic. Art & Artifact is one way to share experiences with artists you care about, both through the quarterly box as well as through live gatherings.

Art & Artifact — The Process

1. You select an artist

Select your favorite artist, or connect with a new one!

2. They create art

Your artist creates a new work of art around a chosen theme.

3. They curate artifacts

Your artist hand-selects items designed to surprise and delight.

4. You receive your box

We have your box delivered to your doorstep!

Art & Artifact — The Details

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