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A Shared Humanity

 Surprise Guest Artist

Every 3 months the ASH team will introduce you to a new artist who will create a new work of art exploring a chosen theme, as well as curate a number of artifacts designed to surprise and delight.

A Shared Humanity isn't currently accepting new subscribers, but you can receive a print from one of our other artists!

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Hello art lover!

We always love a good surprise, especially when it involves beautiful art and creative experiences. Because of that, we're excited to be creating a quarterly box that will introduce you to artists whose work we love, and whose art we believe you'll love too. Each quarter will bring a new artist and theme, and the box you’ll receive will contain a newly created work of art as well as carefully chosen items, all related to the chosen theme. We look forward to sharing different artists and pulling off a quarterly surprise for you!

What to expect in A Shared Humanity's Box

We could tell you what will be in the box, but that would ruin a wonderful surprise. Our hope is that you'll not only connect with your favorite artist, but that you'll also receive an experience that surprises and delights!

But here are a few hints about what to expect in your box.

A new work of art

Our guest artist will create a new work of art exploring their chosen theme which will be announced each quarter.

Inspiring hand-selected items

Our guest artist will hand-select a number of items exploring their theme, items that communicate a part of that artist's story, creativity and inspirations.

A personal note

Our guest artist will write a personal note sharing the stories and inspirations behind their new work of art and curated artifacts.

About A Shared Humanity

We design experiences and platforms that invite all creatives—in our book that includes all humans—to foster meaningful relationships and community through shared art, stories and experiences. Through initiatives such as ASH Presents, Art & Artifact, The All Who Wander Collective, and our upcoming A Shared Humanity - Stories, together we celebrate our shared humanity, and create work that contributes to a world as it ought to be.