Portrait: Ben Stafford

Ben Stafford


Every 3 months, Ben will send you a package with a beautiful illustrated print and hand-selected items that explore the concept of harmony.

Ben isn't currently accepting new subscribers, but you can get one of his prints!

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Photo by Tim Kippel

Dear Friend,

Thank you for supporting Art & Artifact and investing in this beautifully crafted adventure! Over the course of a year, I will be exploring the theme of harmony. While many people are familiar with the musical definition, I invite you to join me in exploring the broader definition: a consistent or pleasing arrangement of parts. My desire is to create a harmonious experience that will surprise and delight you every time you open one of my curated boxes.


What to expect in Ben's Box

We could tell you what will be in the box, but that would ruin a wonderful surprise. Our hope is that you'll not only connect with your favorite artist, but that you'll also receive an experience that surprises and delights!

But here are a few hints about what to expect in your box.

A new illustrated print

Ben will create a new illustrated print exploring the theme of harmony.

Inspiring hand-selected items

Ben will hand-select a number of items exploring the theme of harmony, items that communicate a part of his story, creativity and inspirations.

A personal note

Ben always writes a thoughtful note sharing the stories and inspirations behind his new work of art and curated artifacts.

About Ben Stafford

Ben is an illustrator and designer based in Ohio and makes up one half of the Foxmeadow Creative team alongside his wife, Beth. Ben's artistic pursuits began at an early age and currently manifest themselves in one of his favorite creative pursuits: creating simple and effective illustrations and graphics to communicate complex concepts. Within his work, he also enjoys the challenge of finding balance by using bright colors, high contrast and basic shapes. Because he wanted to be a Disney animator when he was little, Ben thinks that his ten year-old self would probably think it's pretty cool that illustrating has become his career.