Portrait: Lisa Vortman

Lisa Vortman


Every 3 months, Lisa will send you a package with a beautiful fine art photograph and hand-selected items that will encourage you to create space for daily introspection.

Lisa isn't currently accepting new subscribers, but you can get one of her prints!

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Dear Friend,

I am thrilled you have taken the time to discover Art & Artifact—a gift that has brought so much clarity, excitement and discovery to my own life. Over the course of 2016 I had planned to engage the theme of exploration through travel and engagement of other locations and lifestyles. However, this past December I faced a challenging, life-changing experience that turned my focus inward, forging a new desire for greater introspection and exploration of my own heart and mind. Over the coming months I invite you to join me as I pursue this new direction, creating art and experiences that encourage you to create space in your own life for exploring the essence of your inner self.


What to expect in Lisa's Box

We could tell you what will be in the box, but that would ruin a wonderful surprise. Our hope is that you'll not only connect with your favorite artist, but that you'll also receive an experience that surprises and delights!

But here are a few hints about what to expect in your box.

A new fine art photograph

Lisa will create a new photograph exploring the theme of introspection.

Inspiring hand-selected items

Lisa will hand-select a number of items exploring the theme of introspection, items that communicate a part of her story, inspirations and reflections.

A personal note

Lisa always writes a thoughtful note sharing the stories and inspirations behind her new work of art and curated artifacts.

About Lisa Vortman

Lisa is a photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is passionate about exploring her world and discovering how others live and grow. She brings this curiosity into her work with clients as she enters their worlds, discovers their uniqueness, and creatively captures images that inspire. Cultivating moments with others inspires and informs her photographic work every day, and as a way to refuel she often dances around her home. But she loves it even more when her friends and family are dancing with her!