Portrait: Shun-Luoi Fong

Shun-Luoi Fong


Every 3 months, Shun-Luoi will send you a package with a beautiful fine art photograph and hand-selected items that explore the concept of listening.

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Dear Friend,

As an artist I've learned that our ability to listen—to other people, to the world around us, even to our own hearts—greatly impacts our ability to create beauty. Over the coming year I am going to be intentionally exploring the concept of listening, and will create new art and curate artifacts that reflect these explorations. I invite you to join me on this journey and look forward to sharing my work with you.


What to expect in Shun-Luoi's Box

We could tell you what will be in the box, but that would ruin a wonderful surprise. Our hope is that you'll not only connect with your favorite artist, but that you'll also receive an experience that surprises and delights!

But here are a few hints about what to expect in your box.

A new fine art photograph

Shun-Luoi will create a new photograph exploring the theme of listening.

Inspiring hand-selected items

Shun-Luoi will hand-select a number of items exploring the theme of listening, items that communicate a part of his story, creativity and inspirations.

A personal note

Shun-Luoi always writes a thoughtful note sharing the stories and inspirations behind his new work of art and curated artifacts.

About Shun-Luoi Fong

Shun-Luoi is a photographer based in San Francisco. Throughout a life of living in and experiencing various cultures, he realized his love for using his photography as a means of connecting with, listening to, and telling the stories of others in a manner that makes a difference in the world. He has a particular passion for deeply valuing and affirming the inherent dignity in every person. When not working, you might find him being extremely goofy with his kids, catching up on any news related to his beloved Nebraska Cornhusker football team, or dreaming up new ideas.